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COVID-19 - How we can keep you safe & Risk Free Bookings:

We are happy to perform behind your screens or have our own

We are happy to perform "window" shows where your residents watch through the window - we can put the speakers inside and have mics - in bad weather we require you to provide a shelter. This is available between March - October.

We are very happy to work with your care home to make this the best and safest experience for everyone.

  • Our actors are all double vaccinated.
  • Our actors are happy to perform a Rapid Flow Test on arrival
  • They will wear full PPE for the set up and pack away (not for the show) if requested
  • On arrival they will need to wash their hands and then again after they have set up the show.
  • They will spray their equipment and costumes with disinfectant spray after each performance.
  • We are happy to remain socially distant from your residents and staff if required.
  • We can alter the shows so there is no direct interaction with the residents.
  • We can alter the show so that we do not hand out props or song books (but will give options for you to print your own song books).
  • All touched surfaces in the car will be disinfected prior to each journey.
  • Shows can be performed outside (as long as it's not raining and if it is we are happy to perform as long as you can provide a suitable shelter). This is available between March - October.
  • Outdoor shows work best if homes are set up with their own gazebo / shelter prior to our arrival
  • We are happy to perform "Window" shows (as long as it's not raining - if it is you will need to provide a suitable shelter)

Cancellation Policy:

The pandemic has put  a huge financial strain on Tickled Pink Productions, however we are determined to KEEP PRICES FROZEN and to KEEP SAME HIGH QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT. To this end we ask all customers to agree to our 2 terms and conditions below.

TERMS:There is a £60+vat cancellation fee per show if cancelling with less notice than 1 month prior to the show (Schools £100+vat if cancelled less than 2 months prior to show).

If shows are cancelled less than a working day prior to the show there is a cancellation fee of 100% (Schools 100% cancellation fee is cancelled less than 3 working days). 

As a gesture of good will, if your care home has a covid outbreak, we are willing to perform outside (March - October) or at another venue of your choice within one hour's distance of your venue.  Due to the nature of being a touring theatre company we are unable to offer a postponement service.  If shows are cancelled with less notice than a working day the full fee is payable even if a new show is booked.

Helpful Suggestion:

Many of our regular care homes liaise with their sister homes when setting dates so if there is a Covid outbreak they switch dates with their sister homes (or other local homes).

                                     0800 222 9074

Shows for care homes

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