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Win a fREE Tickled Pink Production show


Upload to Facebook your very best Tickled Pink Photo from any Tickled Pink Production with 5 reasons why your Residents loved the event. The photo with the most SHARES on Facebook by the closing date will win a FREE Tickled Pink show! These will be monitored and shared regularly and will give you the opportunity to have some free entertainment for your Residents.

Alternatively email Tickled Pink with your photo and 5 reasons why your residents loved the show and we will post it to Tickled Pink's Facebook page.

Tickled Pink Productions

0800 222 9074


Here are some fabulous past entries ...

Chalkney House enjoying their Abbalutley Fantastic Show

Rose Lodge enjoying The Good Old Days Show:



Just like to say a big thank you to Tickled pink for the musical Good Old Days .

Our residents had a lovely day singing songs down memory lane . The next day our residents was still talking about the musical .

Regards, Jane

Chalkney House enjoying Abbalutley Fantastic



We love and really enjoy your shows,

Here is our entry for the competition as you can see one of our residents is totaly caught in the moment during the Abbaloutlytastic show, Could it be Love? Lol,

We Loved every minute!

Warm wishes,

Paul Activities Coordinator,

Mundy House Basildon .

Bethany Home enjoying The Good Old Days Show:

Here are the past winners 


This photo shows how up-lifting Tickled Pink shows are... everyone joins in. This photo had the most votes and we at Tickled Pink love it too!

Here are the other

past entries ...


Downhurst Care Home.

"They really loved it! It made everyone smile and up-lifted residents' spirits - like being at the theatre." Stella Sheldon Downhurst

The Good Old Days & We'll Meet Again: 

"All really enjoyed it, knew all the songs to sing along to.We love the interaction and the costumes." Victiria Herold Brookhurst Nursing Home.

"Excellent, loved singing along to the songs." Pirton Grange Home

"Dancing and music was great. The show was very entertaining." Beverley Aston Rising Care Home

"All Tickled Pink Shows have been very good. They are very reasonably priced because of the props and the interaction and quality of the performers." Lauren Portman Broomey Hill

"Tickled Pink are much more exciting than most shows, plus they enjoyed the props." Sophie Leon Pratt House

"Very impressed with this show." Kirsty. Whitehaven

"The residents like to get involved - Tickled Pink are very suitable." Denise Holmwood

"Excellent" Woodlands House

"Lively & entertaining." Caoline Hicks Clifton Lodge

"We cannot compare Tickled Pink shows - there is something special from you." De Bohun House

"Friendly and professional actors" Bridgeside Lodge

"They thought it was wonderful." Brookfield Nursing Home

"Best show we have had yet!" Brambling Lodge

"The residents throughly enjoyed it - very entertaining." Cumberland Care Home

"The residents loved it, very colourful, lovely costumes!" Jo Newton Kingston care Home

"They loved it. The residents are still talking about it over a week after the show." Lesley Ruse

Cumberland C/H

"Nice to have a story-line connecting the songs" V. Langley 


"Wonderful" Garson House

"Tickled Pink shows are all very good." Eastleigh

Eagle House enjoying We'll Meet Again


"Loved it, great fun, excellent interaction, looking forward to Christmas show. It met and exceeded our expectations." Westmead House

"Fantastic. They had a fab time." Crantock Lodge

Photo sent by Mary Hunt

"Thank you for a lovely show. the residents all really enjoyed it. Put a big smile on many faces. One of our residents "Cissy" almost took over the show, she thoroughly enjoyed dancing with the actors! A good time was had by all!" Sandra A/C Tordarrach

Oakwood House

"Loved it." Perran Bay

"A lot more involvement with the audience." Leonard Lodge

Oakwood House

"Excellent - very strong singing & good value for money" Grange Care Centre


"Had a very good concentration & stimulation from our residents." Brendon Care Chiltern View

Cedar House : The Good Old Days

Cedar House

The Good Old Days

Cedar House : The Good Old DaysCedar House : Tickled Pink include everyoneCedar House : Tickled Pink give out flags and hats

"The interaction between performers and audience was fantastic for relatives and us as care staff to see, some of our residents normally show much less interest in what is happening. Certain residents (especially Norma!) are still talking about bits of the show - they all loved it! Thank you very much Kind regards, Debra Read"

Augusta Court

Here are the entrants for our 2011 competition


as you can see the photos are fantastic.

"Fantastic! All residents were stimulated through out and very uplifted - we have never had a show that has dancing, acting and singing all in one - it was excellent!" Marcia Ellington Avon Lodge

Folkestone House:

"We love Tickled Pink at Folkestone House. These pictures show what a great time our residents have when Tickled Pink come along."

Gibraltar House:

Bereweeke House:

"The residents thought it was brilliant and everyone was very happy after. It's the best!"

Highgrove House:All thoroughly enjoyed show - a very high standard - cast interacted well with residents and worked hard to entertain the residents." Sue Lamb

Lake House:


Cartref Dyfi:                 

Elvy Court:

Lansdown Home:

We had the show outside which really made it an event to remember.

 Madley Park Oxon:

Hammerson House:


Ashcourt London:

"Your two artists were brilliant in Summer Wonder." Yvonne

Kent Lodge Ealing:

These photos show how well Tickled Pink involve the audience.

Abbeyfield House Banbury:

"I did enjoy the show and thought it was very well done and presented." Dennis Craigfields

Eleanor Hodson House:

These photos show everyone enjoying Old Time Music Hall

Kingfisher Home:

These picture show everyone having a great time during Old Time Music Hall

Glebefields Home:

You can see by the smiles how much everyone enjoyed their Old Time Music Hall Show


At Tickled Pink we do our best to involve everyone in the show.

Hooklands competition

Whitby Dene Home

The Gables: The performers reached out to so many, even our home keepers enjoyed it. Just terrific. Looking forward to the next lot. 

Brambling Lodge: The residents had such a great time and the performers interacted with the residents so well here at Brambling Lodge


The residents, families and staff all had such a great afternoon.

Kent House:The service users at Kent House had a thoroughly good time and we are all looking forward to the Christmas Show.

We would like to thank everyone who entered.

All you need to do is send us your best Tickled Pink photo. It can be a photo of the actors in the show or your residents or staff dressed up. We’re looking for the photo that shows your home having a great time with Tickled Pink.

Please note that photos may be displayed on our website.

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