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November 2022 - January 2023

The magical story of Aladdin is brought to life with full audience participation. The one hour pantomime is a treat for all 3-11 year olds with fabulous costumes and set and familiar songs (I Wanna Be Like You, You Can’t Stop The Beat, Thriller and A Whole New World to name just a few).

When Aladdin bumps into the beautiful Princess it’s love at first sight, but Jasmine must marry a prince and Aladdin must help his mother Widow Twankey in the laundry. When Aladdin’s long lost uncle arrives he promises Aladdin an adventure of a life time and the chance to be very very rich!

Help Aladdin find the long lost lamp of the East and discover the truth about his uncle Abanaza. In true pantomime style there is full audience participation – an event to remember.

We hold a 45 minute workshop prior to the show and rehearse up to 30 children, giving them their own costume and a special role to play during the show.

Aladdin Reviews

"The best we’ve seen in past 20 years here – clear, great audience participation and 4 actors who had energy to carry the whole thing off so well. Staff enjoyed it as well – excellent costumes, clever simple set, story straight forward for younger children and great enthusiasm of actors." Rachel Stevenson Wickham Common Primary

"The children really enjoyed every part of the performance. It is without doubt the best we have had." Luigi Leccacorvi St John The Baptist School.

"Absolutely loved it. It really brought a well known story to life, costumes, fun, the children could easily join in and contribute. It was pretty perfect." Joanne Sedley Stewart Headlam Primary

"The children thought it was brilliant. They love the way that it involves lots of children and teacher. It is more child friendly than other shows we have had. It had lots of music that the children could relate to – ie Michael Jackson etc" Lina Castor Greenleaf Primary.

"This was much better than other shows we have had as the children were able to take part in the show." Alison Stow Mount Pleasant Lane Primary.

"The children were totally absorbed and entertained. They enjoyed every minute of it." Harriet Melville Durston House School"Much better than other shows we have had – more child friendly not all shouting. The best panto we’ve had in school. " Jan Walter Alex McHood Primary.

Show Prices include FREE Workshop and FREE Teacher's resource pack.

1 Show = £500+vat

2 Shows = £475+vat Each

3 Shows = £450+vat Each

4 Shows = £425+vat Each

5+ Shows = £400+vat Each

Why not take advantage of this offer and book Aladdin & Wizard of Oz at the same time - pay nothing until the show.

Introduce us to another school who book from your recommendation and receive £50 voucher.

CALL TODAY: 0800 222 9074

Cancellation Policy:

The pandemic has put a huge financial strain on Tickled Pink Productions, however we are determined to KEEP PRICES FROZEN and to KEEP SAME HIGH QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT. To this end we ask all customers to agree to our 2 terms and conditions below.


1) There is a £100+vat cancellation fee per show if cancelling less than 2 months prior to the show

2) If shows are cancelled less than 3 working days prior to the show there is a cancellation fee of 100% 

As a gesture of good will, if shows are cancelled due to a Covid-1

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