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"The best show we have had in our school" Quainton COE Primary
"All the children enjoyed the workshop and worked enthusiastically,
including some children who are often reluctant to take part."
Margaret Oates St Agnes Primary
"The children were very enthusiastic throughout and focused."
Rachel Ford Bannockburn Primary
"Tickled Pink are very good.  Very well prepared and organised."
St Agnes Primary School
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Pack Up Your Troubles
3 minute clip of Tickled Pink's best show yet



" The children learnt a lot about WW2 without being scared -
no gruesome war stories - which was good. Good costumes, props
and sound effects.  Actors were enthusiastic and clear."
Northside Primary
2011 primary school showsTravel back to the 1940s
with this musical play
exploring the impact World
 War II had on a child's life
in Britain.
 "Good variety of topics which related
to the classwork the children have
been doing." St Agnes Primary

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We bring history to life as we explore the effects of 
rationing, evacuation and The Blitz accompanied by
 sights and sounds of the period.
We transform your school hall with our full theatrical
 set and demonstrations through audience participation presenting the major events of  the war including the German Invasion of Europe and The Battle of Britain.
History is brought to life with Tickled Pink's  own unique
style of Theatre-in-Education with a pre-show workshop
for up to 30 children in which they are rehearsed in to the
show itself, with their own costumes, allowing them to work
alongside our professional performers and perform in front
of their friends and class mates.
 "The workshop was very suitable.  The children learned additional facts for WW2 topic." Bannockburn Primary School
- 3 Professional Actors
- Interactive Time line of Events
- Props and costumes for all the characters
- Full audience participation
- Fantastic Set
- Suitable for the whole school
- Great introduction to World War II
- Teacher's Resource pack with over 20 lesson plans
This one hour show is in line with the National Curriculum and is suitable for key stage 1 & 2. We also provide a full and comprehensive teachers' resource pack to accompany the show. 
"The children felt involved and excited the whole way through and learnt a lot!
The children loved singing Run Rabbit." S. Glaney Northside Primary
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By Tickled Pink Productions
In 1939 when Nevil Chamberlain
 the Prime Minister announced that
 Britain was now at war with
Germany, it wasn't just people in
the army and navy who were
affected - it was everyone! 
The second World War became
known as The People's War and
7 year old Caroline's life was turned upside down!  First she was 
EVACUATED to Wales where everyone at her new school thought she spoke with a funny accent but she soon made new friends but this didn't stop her feeling terribly homesick.  After just a few months of being in the country and with no bombs falling on London,
Caroline (and half of the other 100,000 evacuees) returned home to
London... just in time for THE BLITZ
For 57 nights bombs fell on London
 but Caroline dared not be scared as even children had to help keep morale high plus best friend Johnny always knew how to keep spirits up. 
After several uncomfortable nights down the air-raid shelter, the local shop keeper let Caroline use her MORRISON SHELTER in their front room - which although was rather cramped, was much nicer than going down the AIR RAID SHELTER. 
Life became very different for Caroline - her Dad was called up and her mum got a job working in the parachute factory.  Caroline suddenly had a lot more responsibilities - including buying the weekly shopping, which wasn't easy with RATIONING but like everyone else, Caroline quickly learnt to make do and mend.
Tickled Pink Productions' PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES is a child's
journey of WORLD WAR II, closely focusing on The National
Curriculum's Guide Lines for EVACUATION, THE BLITZ and

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The show lasts for an hour and is suitable for reception - year 6. Prior to the show we hold a 45 minute workshop for 30 children who will be given their own role to play and a special costume. 
Tickled Pink Productions'performers are highly skilled trained actors who will get the best out of your children in a very short time - schools are amazed at how well their children do
in the workshop and show.
This is a great introduction to
drama as well as making the whole play more interesting for the rest of the school as they can enjoy watching their classmates perform
 along side the professional
performers.  There is full audience participation throughout the show which really brings history to life.
PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES is a great first lesson of World War II
and an even better follow-up lesson for children studying the subject. 

 Tickled Pink Productions' unique and original show brings history alive.
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Here are some letters from Salfords Primary explaining why they enjoyed 
Pack Up Your Troubles:                                                                
Shows cost £500 plus VAT and include FREE workshop & Teachers Pack. 
2 shows = £450+vat
3 Shows = £425 +vat
4 Shows = £400+vat
5+ Shows = £375+vat
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